Feb 28, 2010

Interview with Julia

This interview is with Julia  a very talented and creative girl ,who describes  herself as a "Jesus Lover", Julia shares her love for God with artistic brilliance and talent that surpass her tender age.

Check it out !

1.) Hello dear, please present yourself and tell us who you are.
My name is Julia and I live in South America. I am a 13 year-old schoolgirl and I will be going into 8th grade next year. Though I speak German fluently- I must say, that my English often requires some help from translation programs. Also, I love the Lord, my family, friends, pets, dolphins and vacations.

2.) What are your favorite (worship/praise) songs?
I like the songs from the “celebrate Jesus" books. I love songs that glorify God.

3.) What is your favorite Bible passage and why?
Jesus replied, "What is impossible with men is possible with God." Luke 18:27. Why? Because NOTHING is impossible with God and with His help we can accomplish even the hardest! I also love the psalms, They encourage me often!

4.) Describe your encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ & in what way, accepting Him as Savior has changed your life?
I grew up in a Christian home and I wanted to belong to God because He loves me so much and will help me in all things.
Accepting Jesus as Savior has changed my life in the way He helps me to be more obedient. Although it is often hard for me to obey... :) But I know that He took me with all of my weaknesses and strengthened me when I accepted Him as my only Savior! Though I do no great works, He still loves me. He loves me just as I am. And this I find great! I also had many great fears, but God has taken them away from me! Because if I have HIM at my side, then I have nothing to fear... By erasing those fears, I became closer to Him.

5.) What ministry are you serving God in or would like to serve in (praise/worship, mime, intercession, acting, writing, dance, preaching, art,..)?
I'm not quite sure, but I know that God will show me at the right time... But I love art!

6.) What are your spiritual goals, weaknesses and strengths?
My spiritual goals are to spend more time in prayer to share more of God, to witness my faith, to serve God with my gifts, to better treat my fellow man and to change my personality. I know that I can with God's Help! My strengths and weaknesses are that I find it very easy to read the Bible, but after that, to put the Word in action is no longer so easy ... But at least I try to act and then with God I can do it too!

7.) Lastly, your message of LOVE to the world♥
Jesus loves you so much! He has left His home with the wonderful Father in heaven, to save YOU! He died on the cross for YOU, for YOU- He who is King of kings, became a servant to sacrifice His Life for our sins! All out of LOVE... Would you accept this Gift of LOVE also?

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  1. hey...Great Job with the interview posts!...also, the short story below was a nice one...


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